Boukje is both gifted and skilled in the art of healing. The healings that are taking place in sessions with her are very powerful.

It is really remarkable how she always finds an efficient way to dissolve my skepticism, pass through my intellectual-ego tricks and makes the connection with true me.

After a healing session with Boukje I immediately and genuinely feel that that is exactly what just took place: a HEALING! Like after big cleaning, my head and heart are crystal clear. The white noise made of fears and doubts is gone. There is a profound feeling of self-acceptance and self-believe that was not there before. I feel connected, very peaceful and very powerful. I feel like my soul is mended and complete.

Next to the healing that happens on a soul level, what I also gain out of our encounters are clear insights into my behavioral patterns and things that trouble me. These insights are very useful in increasing my self-knowledge on a rational level.

Already for a long time I am working on myself, wanting to rise my self-awareness and solve problems that are preventing me from living my life to it’s fullest quality. If you are on the same or a similar path, you will find in Boukje a perfect guide

Sanja, Visual Artist


Boukje Janssen is a deeply grounded and sincere woman with a strong sense of integrity, honesty, intelligence, warmth and kindness. A treasure as a healer with a very fine sense of humor.

To me it has been a very loving and nurturing experience. Full of trust and support. Clarity and Truth.  It is profound to work with her as a colleague and receive her guidance.

I can openhearted recommend anyone to experience Theta healing through Boukje. A true journey of returning to love and healing possibilities

Indra Silar, Theta healer/Artist


When you are in crisis, in dubio, anxious or hesitant about (something in) your life, Boukje is the perfect guide to help (guide) you. I feel renewed after every session.
Well worth experiencing for those who want a closer look at oneself amidst another level of our universe  

Edward Janssen, Designer/Artist