How and What

Your first session takes about 90 minutes. It contains an intake, an explanation of how the session will proceed and the session itself. Follow up sessions generally take 60 minutes. During a session we sit in front of each other.

A session usually consists of defining what you wish to work on, going into the Theta brain wave, followed by intuitive scanning, identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with new ones and instilling positive feelings, emotions and healing energy.

Each time a change or healing can take place in your system, I will ask for your verbal permission. Out of respect for your free will but also because your subconscious mind automatically rejects any change to which you have not given your verbal consent.

Muscle testing

In Theta Healing muscle testing is common practice to test belief systems held in the unconscious. Muscle testing finds its origine in kinesiology and it uses your electrical system and muscles. When you say or think something that resonates as true within the subconscious, your electromagnetic field sends a positive frequency around your body making your muscles stronger. Alternatively when you say or think something that resonates as false within your subconscious, the electromagnetic field sends a negative frequency around your body making your muscles weaker.

Before muscle testing it is essential to drink plenty of water for only a well hydrated body will give accurate answers. Read more about muscle testing and the methods I use in this PDF.

How to prepare for a session

Make sure you are well hydrated before you come. Drink plenty of water and refrain from drinking coffee or alcohol the night before or morning of the treatment.