Are you bothered by negative thoughts or emotions? | Do you feel fearful, depressed or lonely? | Are you stressed or out of balance? | Are you stuck at work or in a realionship? | Do you suffer from trauma, shock or old wounds? | Do you have health issues? | Do you have low energy, low self-esteem or you don’t know where to start? | Are you longing for a deeper connection with yourself? | Do you have existential questions?

ThetaHealing can be applied to every subject that you want to change, such as health, relationships, career, finances, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth, creativity, self-esteem, just to mention a few. Feelings and thoughts are energies that create our life. They are part of our belief system that influences every decision we make and that we are only partly consciously aware of. The rest is held in our subconsciousness, governing our life and often blocking our true potential.

What you send out is exactly what you attrackt. Once you realise that everything in your life is a reflection of what lives inside you, than you can retake your power in your own hands and from your center actively shape your existence.

Addictions   Allergies   Anger Management   Anxiety  Bereavement   Commitment   Phobia   Confidence Issues   Depression   Emotional Issues   Fears   Guilt   Health Issues   Jealousy   Divorce   Loneliness   Motivation   Negative Emotions and Thoughts   Obsessions   Panic attacks   Personal Development   Rejection  Self-Confidence   Sexual issues   Shame   Shyness   Stage fright   Stress   Family issues   Trauma   Unhappiness   Eating disorders   Worry   … etcetera

ThetaHealing can be applied to everyone who is open to it, no matter age, gender, ethic background or religion.

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