Healing for children and parents

Children can experience challenges early in their lives, either with health problems, behavioural issues, or difficulties coping with changes or traumatic events in their lives. Alongside consulting your healthcare professional and taking conventional medical advice, it is also possible to help your child in a natural and holistic way. I offer healing sessions for babies and children of all ages. The healing will complement any other conventional treatment or medication being received. Depending on the age of your child, a parent or guardian remains present throughout the session.

Healing indirectly and directly on your child

Healing on very young children will be done through one of the parents. Your child doesn’t need to be present. When children have the age that they can really talk about what they experience, then the healing can be done directly on the child as well.

Do you have doubts or questions whether ThetaHealing is the right method for your child? Feel free to contact me through the contact form or by phone.