About Boukje

As long as I can remember I have been aware that there is more than the direct visible. Being a child I had experiences that exceeded the daily and the challenge turned out to be; how do I remain loyal to my truth and the connection with my self. What followed was a continuous search of meaningfulness in wich I studied and practised a various range of self development forms, such as psychotherapy, bio-energetic analysis, gestalt therapy, eurythmy and regression-reincarnation therapy. I acquired Reiki Tera Mai 1 and 2 as well as Kundalini Reiki Master. In addition I am a freelance visual artist and mother of two children.

From the first moment that I learned about ThetaHealing I knew that this modality would provide me the right tools to shape my capacity to guide myself and others in a personal inner transformation proces. ThetaHealing brought me the quality to know and to connect from the stillness of my soul. Who I am, what is good for me ánd how to co-create my life. Within a short period of time this technique enables us to reveal the core of your obstacle and change it into what you need.

It is my passion to help others getting back to their own strenght by re-connecting them with their life-energy. Being an intuitive healer I combine my emphatic and creative skills with life-experience, from being a creative entrepreneur, a mother, an observer and an inspirer.

I am a certified ThetaHealing Practioner and Instructor of the following seminars:

ThetaHealing Basic DNA | ThetaHealing Advanced DNA | Intuitive Anatomy | Family Ties | Planes of Existence | Digging Deeper | Soul Mate | Manifesting and Abundance | World Relations | Game of Life |  DNA 3 | Disease and Disorder

ThetaHealing Basic DNA Instructor | ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Instructor | Soul Mate Instructor | Manifesting and Abundance Instructor